Men’s Fashion Conversation

The 2020 Mens Fashion Conversation – What Should You Be Wearing?

Any fashion conscious man out there right now is wondering what he should stock into his closet for the new decade on the horizon. Although fashion is often thought of as something for women,” we would beg to disagree. Subtle fashion elements, bold colors and patterns, and new blazer shapes are something that can totally elevate a mans presence and persona, turning heads in every room.

Thats why were not afraid to have the mens fashion conversation. What should you be wearing in 2020? Were glad you asked!

  • Cross-Body Bag:

You no longer need to put your wallet in your pocket and hope it doesn’t fall out. The cross-body bag, made for men, is now available to you, with different styles and colors galore. It’s a great way to accent an outfit, organize important paper and documents, and keep everything that belongs to you nice and neat. Jazz up any practical outfit while you’re rushing out the door in the morning.

  • Cuban Collar Shirts:

Also known as “dad” shirts, these fun, loose, and colorful button-up shirts are all the rage in the world of men’s fashion. With a distinctive collar and short sleeves, they are beyond comfortable, and still stylish at the same time. Have fun with crazy patterns and colors that you pair with a light khaki pant or jean. The shirts look extra awesome when paired with cool shades and sunglasses.

  • Oversized Blazers:

Sure, you should still own a fitted blazer for boardroom presentations, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dabble in the oversized blazer look, which has become a staple in men’s runway fashion shows. Grab a blazer of your choosing, with a zany shirt underneath and a body bag. Dress it down with jeans and sneakers, accenting your personal style that everyone is going to notice.

  • Shield Sunglasses:

Move over race car drivers and sports enthusiasts – the shield sunglasses is becoming a big item in the world of men’s fashion. Not only do they do a phenomenal job of blocking out sunrays when you’re out and about, but they also dress up an outfit in a big way. You can take something like a plain t-shirt and shorts, add on shield sunglasses, and totally transform the look into something of pure style.

  • High-Waisted Pants:

Although the high-waisted movement infiltrated ladies fashion a few years ago, it has finally made its way into the men’s clothing game. Everyone looks better in high-waisted fashion. Why? It makes your legs look longer, which is more appealing to the human eye. Enjoy this kind of style in any pant fabric design.


We stay abreast on the latest 2020 mens fashion trends so our clothing will keep your stylish and fashionable every single day. Dont wait until the new year arrives to update your wardrobe. Get out ahead of the trendy changes before they arrive, showing everyone how innately fashionable you truly are. Shop with us today!