About Us

Welcome to the World of HVETTCHI

Founded 2018 with a passion for changing the affordable clothes conversation, HVETTCHI is a fast fashion retail company owned by uber investments company with headquarters in Dubai, United Arab of Emirates, Believing that fashionable, stylish, and trendy clothing should also be affordable for consumers worldwide,

Haitham Al Ameri, the founder of HVETTCHI with 45 employees to date as the company continues to grow and expand. Each employee works as part of a team to ensure all consumers are served with the fashionable items and prices that they require to restock their closet styles every few weeks.

HVETTCHI offers both womens fashion and mens fashion shopping component, with everything from dresses, blouses, accessories, and purses available to women, and shirts, jackets, and shoes available to men. The clothing is reflective of a modern, urban styling, with fun patterns, bold neutrals, and the latest stylish trends that are one season ahead of release. Entire wardrobes can be curated for everything from professional requirements, to night-life in the biggest cities in the world.

The best feature is that all of it is affordable, whether its a pea coat or a blazer. There is no instance in which HVETTCHI becomes out of reach for buyers, which is what has afforded the company such a loyal client base over the last year. Through word of mouth marketing, the HVETTCHI brand is now a highly traffic e-commerce platform today.

Today, HVETTCHI has locations fulfillment centers across the world, providing quick, expedited shipping options to all online shoppers. The company is hoping to expand into additional international markets in the coming years to provide the best customer service experience possible.

Al Ameri is excited for what the future will bring to this fashion e-commerce company, Together with creativity, passion, and imagination, the HVETTCHI team believes that anything is possible.