The Top Women’s Fashion Trends

The Top 2020 Womens Fashion Trends

Were about to embark on a brand new decade, allowing us to redefine ourselves and our place in society. If you want to start anew, turn over a new leaf, or change up your daily habits, 2020 is going to be the time to do it. Whether you want to lose weight, look better, dress better, or just feel better about your appearance, the clothes on your back can make it happen.

 With all of the New Years excitement in the air, heres our list of the top 2020 womens fashion trends to take note of right now:

  • The 70s Disco Collar:

Named for when the collar was first popular during the 70s disco era, this kind of collar is making a comeback in a big way this year. Check it out on coats, rain jackets, shirts, and undershirts for both men and women. It’s easy to identify – just look for two pointed edges that jut out of a collar over the collar bone. The disco collar is a feature fashion staple on top of any dark coat, jacket, blazer, etc.

  • Big Polka Dots:

Who doesn’t love polka dots? Sometimes they’re in, sometimes they’re out. Based on this year’s New York Fashion Week, it’s safe to say polka dots are going to be a staple in spring 2020 fashion. Whether you wear them on your blouse, skirt, dress, or even your stockings, don’t be afraid to let the dots shine through any curated outfit.

  • Metallic Nation:

Chrome, silver, gold, sheer white, and anything else that can be considered “metallic” is going to become a go-to in your 2020 wardrobe. Get your hands on these signature pieces now, as they make for amazing New Year’s Eve outfit items as well. Plus, metallic can be incredibly slimming, and super easy to pair with any crazy patterns or staple purse.

  • The Pant Suit:

Calling the 90s – the pant suit is back! Get ready for oversized blazer and pants, with skimpy bandeaus or bralettes underneath. It’s a great way to show off your dainty figure, while also leaving something to the imagination. We’re seeing both mismatched, as well as perfectly matched pantsuits making a comeback in a big, bold way.

  • Fringe It Up:

The more fringe in 2020, the better. Get some fringe on your jackets, pants, shirts, purses, and of course, shoes. It’s a style that works both in cold and warm climates, adding some fun texture that is also movable and changeable with the passing wind.

  • Colorful Leather:

No, not real leather. We’re an eco friendly brand, which is what makes our colorful leather products so affordable! Get your hands on red, green, brown, purple, or pink fake leather that adds a totally funky element to any outfit. And the best news is – no animals had to die in the making of the product!

Your 2020 Styling Trends

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